Consumers Already Shopping For The Holiday Season

Christmas may seem like it’s in the distant future. However, a recent survey finds that many consumers are already shopping for gifts to give friends, family and loved ones. However, it’s important to remember that using a payday loan advance should only be for financial emergencies and isn’t an excuse to go on a shopping spree.

At the beginning of July, nearly 13 percent of American adults said they have started shopping for the 2022 holiday season, according to a survey conducted by Meanwhile, 17 percent of consumers say they plan to capitalize on “Christmas in July” sales to get some of their shopping out of the way.

Specifically, 4 percent of those consumers revealed that they were completely done with their holiday shopping, while 15 percent claimed they were nearly there, the report said. Meanwhile, 36 percent said they have some items, while 45 percent have one of two gifts.

Families with children under the age of six were more likely to shop for gifts sooner rather than later. Nearly 25 percent of respondents with kids in this age group say they already have items, while 36 percent revealed they plan to take advantage of the summer sales that are often prominent in July.

However, just because some consumers are capitalizing of savings this month, doesn’t mean they all are. Instead, 36 percent of respondents said they will start shopping one to three months prior to the holiday season, while 21 percent said they will hit the checkout lines in the last few weeks prior.

If you’re planning to pick up a few holiday gifts early this year, or just need to go shopping for some necessary items, there are a number of ways to save regardless of sales.

Try To Avoid Convenience

Buying something just because it’s convenient and disregarding the price is a good way to waste money.

For example, if you need to buy a new funnel, think outside the box and try to search in different departments of a store, Julius E. Webster wrote in a column for the Christian Science Monitor. Rather than going straight to the kitchenware section, go to the automotive department. You may be able to find a similar product at a lower price.

Additionally, rather than making impulse purchases in the checkout line, head to the aisles where you can find similar products in bulk. A multipack of gum or breath mints may have a higher price tag, but some simple math will show you that what you’re getting may be worth the extra few dollars.

Further, don’t go to the nearest store in your area if you know you can find the same products a little bit further away at a lower price. Talking yourself out of a few extra miles in the car might be a costly decision.

Ask For Clearance

If you’re browsing through a store and come across a product you need, but it’s slightly damaged, you might be able to get it at a lower price. A small tear in the packaging or a dent in a can could qualify.

Further, while shopping for clothing, if a product is missing a button or has a small tear, you could get it for a bargain and repair it yourself. Learning how to sew on a button or stitch an inseam could help you save a significant amount of money.

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