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Evaluating The Cost Of Utilities And How To Save

The average cost of utility bills is expected to rise in the coming years. This could make it difficult for some households to make necessary expenses, and may cause a spike in the use of cash loans to cover them. According to William P. Elder, the average national cost of utilities in May was $247.26 per household. This included costs for electricity, phone, television, internet and gas, and was a slight increase from the a month earlier, when average expenses totaled $245.59.

Individually, the average cost for electricity was $96.55 per month, while phone service ran the average household close to $35, according to the index. Meanwhile, families spent close to $55 a month to watch television and $38 to surf the net. In contrast, gas was the most affordable monthly expense at $23.

Paying bills is never very fun, but finding ways to save can be. Over the course of a year, these expenses cost households thousands of dollars, so finding savings and discounts wherever you can could be very beneficial.

Examine Your Cell Phone Plan
Although just about everybody has a cell phone nowadays, that doesn’t mean providers are making rates more affordable. Rather than overspend on your monthly bill, you should examine how many minutes, texts and data you actually use, recommends the website. If you have an unlimited plan, but your usage habits will allow you to use a cheaper plan with limits, it could be beneficial to change.

Program Your Air Conditioner Unit
During the summer months, the cost to keep your home cool with an AC can quickly add up, says Yahoo Finance. Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank.

With a programmable thermostat you can ensure you AC isn’t running at times of the day you aren’t home. There are few things worse than coming home after a day at the office and realizing you left your AC on all day, wasting money.

Rethink Your Cable
Introductory bundles from cable companies are often very affordable, but these rates are often limited and can increase significantly after 12 months. See if you can get a better deal with another company. If you contact your provider, tell them you are unhappy with your rate and threaten to leave, they may give you a better deal.…